AABB Homecare Services Ltd. supports families with special needs kids in Greater Victoria, BC.  We provide in-home and community-based respite, life & social skill development, behavioural intervention and distance learning homeschool delivery.

our Services

We support special needs children & families in all sorts of ways!


Starting early with skill intervention is critical to your child's success. We work with your professionals to deliver.

life & social skilll development

Making friends and having opportunities to practice engaging in the world are critical to health development and inclusion.


Need a well deserved break but want your child safe and happily engaged? Say no more. We've got you covered!

Paperwork Support

Being a parent is a full time job, much less if you have a job. The paperwork that comes with special needs can be overwhelming. We can help!

homeschool delivery

Our staff work in whatever fashion is most comfortable to meet the goals you and your teacher decide are important.

online courses & tools

We've found and developed supports to help workers and parents in all sorts of ways. Click through to check them out!

OUr Clients

We are proud to serve our superheroes every single day!

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